“Life without hope expires.” Colorectal Cancer screenings are ultimately important to me because the disease has no chance to be cured in the late stages. I suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome and chances are high that my illness could become severe and develop into Colorectal Cancer. There are no low-cost preventive tests offered to under-served uninsured individuals in the Mississippi Delta. I am now faced with the difficulty of purchasing medication and paying for expensive doctor visits/labs because my insurance plan declined to pay. Many individuals are faced with the lack of insurance coverage, transportation, and knowledge that one may become forced not to pursue treatment. One may not know the severity of his/her problem initially. THIS IS WHY IT IS IMPORTANT TO EDUCATE ALL INDIVIDUALS EVEN THE YOUNGER GENERATION! The younger generation will be able to help educate the older generation on how the colon works and some of its problematic signs. I believe that strategy will help carry the message quickly throughout the community. The economy needs help and especially in the MS Delta. Help us help our citizens.

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