I choose to work hard in delivering preventive health measurements to communities because I too have seen my love one’s perish from the epidemic of cancer. Living in Mississippi has small disadvantages for many because of the 40% poverty rate with 17.1 percent of the individuals uninsured. Communities are not rich in revenue and jobless rates are up by 2%, but the citizens of these communities deserve a chance for survival as well. Living with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and having immediate relatives die from colorectal cancer, I am a very high risk patient that one day will need the preventive tests that are offered. Fannie Lou Hamer Cancer Foundation (FLHCF) is striving to create a healthier community for better success. An opportunity to educate our youth as well as the elderly about Colorectal Cancer will be an excellent addition to our community. This Foundation (FLHCF) has helped more than a thousand women with screenings and education on the preventive, diagnostic, and post treatment of Breast Cancer. FLHCF is looking forward to spreading awareness about Colorectal Cancer to the Mississippi Delta.

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