I was 46 years old when I was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer. Up until the day I started vomiting and vomiting and it wouldn’t stop, I was healthy. I went to an oncologist in Syracuse and it was there that they found the tumor and it was 100% blocking my colon. Within 3 days, I was in surgery. I never even thought I had a problem because I had always felt healthy and I’d always been regular. A couple of years before, I had had issues with cramps and lower backaches, but it was always around my monthly menstrual cycle, so I just brushed it off as that or that I was starting to go through my change of life. I had never even heard of colon cancer. I had no family history of colon cancer, I wasn’t a heavy drinker, however, I was a smoker. Because of me, my brother went for a colonoscopy and he was diagnosed with Stage 2 colon cancer. I’m cancer-free and so is my brother. My thirty year old daughter has already had her screening and my other children will be checked too, when they are old enough. My advice to anyone is “Get checked, better to be safe than sorry”.

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