I am a 2X colon cancer survivor. I was diagnosed in 1984 with colon cancer.
In 1997, colon cancer appeared again and also vocal cord cancer. I was diagnosed with small bowel lymphoma in 2008. Cancer has plagued my family.
My father and daughter have both died from this disease. My father died in 1963 at the age of 42.My daughter was diagnosed in April 2005 with colon cancer and passed away in August 2007. She also was 42 and left behind a husband, 3 children and 1 grandson. She was diagnosed too late. This was a life that should have been saved. There is nothing worse than seeing your child suffer with this disease. My 2 sons get regular screenings as they see the importance of early prevention.
I am now 65 and feel that I am “lucky” to be alive and I owe this to having consistent colon screenings, regular visitations with medical professionals and most importantly paying attention to my body. I have 2 colon screenings a year. Why so often? I have had genetic testing and it has been determined that I have a mutated gene. Therefore, all family members (my siblings and children) have a fifty percent chance of inheriting colon cancer.
Remember prevention is the key. People need to be assertive with their health care and have a positive attitude in battling this disease.
-Patricia Eddleman

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