My mother was first diagnosed with colon polyps at age 48. She was never told about the increased risk of colon cancer for her children. With her history, I should have started my colon screening at age 38 – 10 years younger than her first diagnosis. Since I didn’t get that information, I didn’t start that screening. Subsequently, I was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer at age 41. Since my diagnosis 6 years ago, I have met 5 colon polyps survivors, none of whom were advised of the increased risk of colon cancer for their children or the earlier age at which their children should start their colon screening. So this is my mission – to make sure those diagnosed with polyps get the word out to their children that they need to be vigilant about their colon health. Generally, polyps are cancer waiting to happen. Let’s get the polyps before they turn to cancer.

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