When Should I Get Screened?

If you are at average risk, start screening at age 50. If you are over 50, talk to your healthcare provider about making an appointment to get screened. If you are older than 75, ask your doctor if you should continue to be screened.

There are several colorectal screening tests available.  Consider one of these:

Tests that find pre-cancer and cancer: Screening intervals:
Colonoscopy Every 10 years
Virtual colonoscopy Every 5 years
Flexible sigmoidoscopy Every 5 years
Double-contrast barium enema Every 5 years
Tests that mainly find cancer:
Stool occult blood test (FOBT) (guaiac) Every year
Stool immunochemical test (FIT) Every year
Stool DNA test (sDNA) Ask your health care professional because technology is evolving


An abnormal result of a virtual colonoscopy or a double-contrast barium enema, or a positive FOBT, FIT or sDNA test, should be followed up with a colonoscopy.

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