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Development and Distribution of Video Testimonials Encouraging CRC Screening among Alaskans.

  • Submitted by Alaska Colorectal Cancer Partnership
  • from Anchorage, AK

This spring, the Alaska Colorectal Cancer Partnership launched a new media campaign to increase colorectal cancer screening among Alaskans called The Cancer I Can Prevent. Research shows that people are much more likely to get screened if they are encouraged by someone they know and trust.

As part of the campaign the Partnership created print materials including photographs and quotes from previously screened Alaskans. In the new project we will produce 8-12 short video testimonials from people who feel strongly about CRC screening and have a story to tell to encourage screening. These testimonials will include stories about people getting screened who were previously fearful, explain the process, and provide emotional reasons for why people are committed to screening.

 Testimonials will be solicited from community members throughout the state. Testimonials will also be solicited from people who may be recognizable such as a popular local athlete or someone who is familiar through their profession such as a tribal leader, fisherman or teacher.

The testimonials will be available on the CRC Partnership Facebook page and website in addition to individual Partners websites (such as State of Alaska and the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium websites). They will also be made available to hospitals to use in their passive education systems in waiting rooms and to educators who can use them at health fairs and other public education events. They can also be incorporated into presentations or on cable television channels. Some will also be adapted for use on the radio, as that is the most commonly used media channel in rural and remote parts of Alaska.

These testimonials will help support the mission of the Partnership to increase screening rates statewide, and achieve our goal of 80% screened by 2018.


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