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Opportunities to Vigorously Eradicate Racial disparities in Colorectal cancer with Outcomes based on Medical Evidence

  • Submitted by Save Your Colon
  • from Columbia, SC

Save Your Colon and the OVERCOME project is led by Major General (Ret.) Abraham Turner. As the previous Commander of Fort Jackson and as an African American, he has the experience and leadership to achieve this mission. The model will identify churches within the state committed to health promotion. A core colorectal focus team will train navigators for each congregation. Each church will host an educational session which will achieve the 3 standards of awareness, health promotion, and arrange barrier-free access to screening. Based on the results of the 60 churches successfully completing this model in the past 10 years, we expect an average of 20 participants each. Our goal is to engage an additional congregation each week, 40 weeks a year. Our model will therefore screen 800 African Americans each year, more than sufficient to erase¬†the gap. The funds requested will support the training and monitoring of the navigators. The federally qualified health center (FQHC) in the area has agreed to facilitate screening of the under and uninsured. Ten African American physicians have agreed to provide the professional component of the colonoscopies, even for the uninsured.¬† A DHEC certified ambulatory surgery center has agreed to provide free care to up to 160 African Americans. This permits this program to successfully erase the gap in screening in not only the Midlands of South Carolina, but also aid in achieving the “80% by 2018″ movement goal. We believe the participants have demonstrated the commitment and competence to achieve these important goals, as we have accomplished so much with only one fundraiser and passionate determination.

With a focus on a faith-based mission, our proposal will partner with the leaders of the faith community to increase awareness of the disparities and the potential to erase them. Our faith-based initiative will focus on culturally sensitive community education highlighting awareness, therefore adding immense support to the 80% by 2018 goal.


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