Hope Through Grace – Colorectal Cancer Education, Screening and Prevention Program (CCESP)

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  • from Houston, TX

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The project is based upon best practices derived over the past six years during which the Hope Through Grace (HTG) model, “Colorectal Cancer Education & Screening Program” (CCESP), was created.  Project purpose is threefold: a) it provides health education and awareness programs to uninsured, underserved, low-income minorities in the form of one-on-one counseling, workshops, symposia and media outreach; b) it facilitates participant’s relationship with a primary care medical health home; c) it incentivizes participant’s positive health behavioral changes while enabling baseline colonoscopy screening opportunities.

As stated earlier, substantial health disparities in the target area exist; hence, outreach to African Americans and Hispanics 50+ years residing in the Greater Houston area is essential to our long-term goal (by 2018). Participants are required to have a medical health home to be eligible, thus, the main access barrier is the financial barrier for the colonoscopy procedure.  To address financial barriers to screening participation, HTG will cover the colonoscopy cost (valued at $1,000 or more) based on demonstrated financial need. Participants will be asked to contribute $100 for the procedure.  In the event pathological reports are require, there will be no additional charge to the participant.  If there is a diagnosis which requires treatment, provisions are in place to accommodate that need as well.

In sum, the project accomplishes several critical elements that address this public health problem.  It:

  1. Facilitates access to health care
  2. Requires participants to establish a medical health home.
  3. Increases screening participation
  4. Promotes a better informed community
  5. Reduces disparities in incidence and mortality rates
  6. Reduces disease incidence and mortality rates.


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