Colon Cancer Challenge Good Health Day

Greater New York Chinese American Community Education and Outreach

  • Submitted by Colon Cancer Challenge Foundation
  • from White Plains, NY

OVERVIEW: CCCF will work with New Tang Dynasty Television, the largest Chinese TV network in the US and largest community event producer headquartered in New York, to produce a Chinese American community education and outreach initiative campaign.  The campaign has been designed as a culturally-sensitive and linguistically appropriate health education campaign, targeting the underserved Chinese American population of New York City and its surrounding areas and new immigrants who have little knowledge of the risks associated with colon cancer and prevention methods.  This campaign will be the first comprehensive colon cancer education initiative focused on the Chinese American community in NYC and its surrounding areas and will provide extensive education and information on colon cancer statistics, risk factors, as well as a broad view of the effect this disease has on the individual life, family and upon the larger community.

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