Central and Eastern Oregon Colorectal Cancer Screening Program

  • Submitted by St. Charles Health System
  • from Bend, OR


The Colorectal Cancer Screening Program is a new initiative aimed to educate patients and promote the importance of colorectal cancer screening.  Prior to the colorectal cancer screening program’s implementation, there have been no coordinated programs serving the Central and Eastern Oregon population.  This has resulted in suboptimal colorectal screening rates locally. Particularly low screening rates have been seen among populations with increased barriers to care, such as those with limited financial means and/or the uninsured or underinsured.

The target population will be reached through collaboration with: Volunteers in Medicine; Mosaic Medical; health departments; medical clinics; senior centers; health fairs; businesses; and community events.

Education will include reasons for screening, eligibility criteria and screening options. Physicians in the communities will be provided information on the colorectal cancer screening program. A regular recommendation by the patient’s physician is the single most important factor in a patient’s decision whether to be screened for colorectal cancer.

Limited financial means can be a barrier to getting screened. Individuals concerned with cost will be given the opportunity to be screened with a free fecal occult blood test kit. The OC-Light Fecal Immunochemical Test (FIT) is the test selected for the program.

Education, screening promotion and follow-up support are provided by the colorectal cancer screening coordinator. Through phone calls and letters, the coordinator encourages compliance with completing the test and returning the kit.

The impact of the project has the potential of being significant because it is creating equal access to colorectal cancer education and screening to a broad population.

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