35W Blue for Colon Cancer March 11 2014

BLUE Bridges

  • Submitted by Minnesota Cancer Alliance
  • from St. Paul, MN

The Minnesota Cancer Alliance is a coalition of volunteers from over 100 organizations from diverse backgrounds dedicated to reducing the burden of cancer across the continuum from prevention and detection to treatment, survivorship, and end of life care. The ‘80% by 2018’ pledge aligns directly with Cancer Plan Minnesota 2011-2016, our state cancer plan goal of statewide screening target of 80% for Minnesota by 2016. Cancer Plan strategies include small media campaigns to increase demand for screening, and increase consumer demand for screening which this project aims to do. We propose developing a website and small media campaign to engage Minnesotans around CRC screening and prevention to build education and awareness. The website would include a pledge platform with different components based on the audience. There would be a landing page that would have information about the pledge and Minnesota’s commitment to meeting that goal, and information for the following audiences: employers, providers and individuals. Our project will build a “virtual rallying point” for a Minnesota-based ‘80% by 2018” campaign. Minnesota constituents will be recognized on this website and visitors will see that local players they know are part of the effort. We will create opportunities for providers to learn about resources, educational opportunities and events, but we also want to challenge employers to find out how up-to-date their employees are and to educate them on the need to be screened. Partnering with the Colon Cancer Coalition, we will create an initiative to create activities that survivors and caregivers can engage in online, through person-to-person contacts or with local media. In the past we have hosted events like the one on March 11th, where we lit the 35W bridge (gateway between Saint Paul and Minneapolis) blue as a symbol of the connections we want to forge between provider/patient, patient/caregiver.


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