The Amazing Colon: Bottoms Up!

  • Submitted by Community Health Centers of Western Kentucky
  • from Russellville, KY

Community Health Centers of Western Kentucky, Inc. is committed to eliminating colorectal cancer as a major public health problem by joining the movement with other health organizations and pledging to work towards the shared goal of reaching 80% screened for colorectal cancer by 2018. Our Health Center stands united in the support of community cancer prevention, educational, and awareness activities. Community forums and events give us the opportunity to bring health information to the masses and a platform to discuss early detection and lifesaving information.

Our project goal for the year is to increase Colorectal Cancer Screenings in the community. The Relay For Life of Logan County is the optimal opportunity for the Health Center to partner with the American Cancer Society, an organization that is dedicated to eliminating cancer, empowering communities, and pledging to reach 80% screened for colorectal cancer by 2018.

The Relay For Life event draws people from all walks of life to participate and to celebrate the survivors, caregivers, and volunteers who share a common goal of finding a cure for cancer. The Community Health Centers of Western Kentucky, Inc. (CHCWK) involvement at the Relay event will be to showcase the Amazing Inflatable Colon, a hands on interactive visual tool that will be utilized to educate the participants on the deadly yet preventable cancer. CHCWK clinicians will be available to answer questions on colorectal cancer and how an annual colorectal test can save them from a colorectal cancer diagnosis.

Community Health Centers of Western Kentucky, Inc. will continue the educational, early prevention, awareness campaign into the fall by participating in Logan County’s Heritage Festival and Parade. This event brings people from all across the state to the town’s square. The festival is home to the Jesse James Bank Robbery, local arts, unique food vendors, and several port-a-potties. Since this event is held annually during the month of October, signs will be placed on the multiple port-a-potties to convey the message of annual colorectal screenings with annual flu shots.


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