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2014 Love Your Butt Awareness & Prevention Campaign

  • Submitted by Chris4Life Colon Cancer Foundation
  • from Vienna, VA

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Too many people are being diagnosed with a disease that is 90% treatable when caught early. Those that suffer with colorectal cancer are more than a statistic – they are vibrant human beings whose lives are turned upside with a new reality they would have never chosen.  Little attention is given to a disease that is the 2nd leading cause of cancer deaths in America.

Against this backdrop of sadness and despair, the Love Your Butt ads provide some much needed levity and  creativity, encouraging people to talk about colorectal cancer and life-saving screenings.  Building on the success of our Spring 2014 Love Your Butt campaign, Chris4Life will be expanding the reach of the campaign to Chicago, IL and Detroit, MI (Sept. – Nov. 2014). As in the other 5 cities where the campaign ran in March 2014, Chicago and Detroit will be blanketed with the message through TV, radio, print, online and transportation ads.

We are working to secure more sponsors for our campaign and may be able to extend its reach to other U.S. cities between July and December 2014.

In addition, the ads can be seen nationally through our Love Your Butt microsite (, social media, and other online/mobile marketing outlets. Over 20,000 people visited the Love Your Butt microsite in March 2014.

Seeing the ads is one thing, providing the tools for screening is another. In 2014, Chris4Life launched our CRC Awareness Campaign App for both IPhone and Android in partnership with AGA (The American Gastroenterological Association).  The App not only encourages people to be screened, but provides them with an easy to use App to find a GI doctor in their neighborhood. Those visiting the Love Your Butt microsite also benefit from a user friendly GI doctor search engine. These tools provide a national reach of the campaign.

Screenings save lives, but unless people know about the risk factors and screening opportunities, they won’t act. The Love Your Butt campaign gets people talking to their doctors and visiting our sites to encourage the all-important next step – screenings! When more people Love Their Butts, we’ll be that much closer to the 80% by 2018 goal!


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