With so many persons under the age of 50 being diagnosed with colon cancer, is there any initiative to screen those under 50?

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  • avatar Cassy4Jesus says:

    An initiative that is being promoted is for individuals under 50 to monitor their diets. Individuals are being encouraged to include more fiber in their diets. My daughter was having issues and the Doctor instructed her to include more fiber in her diet. C. Umoh SSOMT

  • avatar thalterman says:

    An initiative to screen those under 50 would be family history of colorectal cancer or if a person experience symptoms – blood in the stool, change in bowel habits, abdominal pain. We also encourage individuals to get screened under the age of 50 if they have a history of colon polyps, ovarian or endometrial cancer, or ulcerative colitis. Prince Frederick, MD – CCHD

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