Our organization is responsible for five rural counties.There is not a common advertising medium that will reach each town. I appreciate any advertising ideas that have worked for you.

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  • avatar thalterman says:

    We have found that using big bulletin signs on the side of the road grabs people’s attention. Also a facebook page with upcoming events. We also make sure that we send emails to those within our coalition, who can reach others we may have missed. Hanging up flyers in businesses within these counties may also help. We have found that flyers also help us advertise. Prince Frederick, MD CCHD.

    • avatar WCRSRegionIV says:

      Thank you for your ideas. Just last week I purchased an ad on our Facebook page. Our numbers increased greatly. Facebook is an excellent venue for us.

      • avatar lhauser says:

        Are you trying to track on Facebook if you are reaching people from all five rural areas? It would be interesting to see if there is more traffic from certain areas you cover.

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