Colon Screenings for the Uninsured

Wyoming Cancer Resource Services is a statewide program.  Five regional offices cover the entire state.  Region IV covers Uinta, Lincoln, Teton, Sublette, and Sweetwater Counties located on the western side of the state.  This grant will focus on Uinta County, which covers 2,081 square miles, has a population of 20,985, which averages out to 10 people per square mile.  Wyoming is a frontier state, and because of our isolated towns, is considered underserved.  We have no specialty hospitals, and very few specialists in medicine.  Anyone in Wyoming who receives a cancer diagnosis must travel to another state for treatment.

Wyoming Cancer Resource Services Region IV promotes healthy choices through lifestyle changes, education about cancer issues, and screening programs that help the uninsured. Through this grant our goal is to expand advertising about screenings throughout the county, distribute educational materials to show how small lifestyle changes can produce big, long-term results, and emphasize the fact that early detection saves lives.  Another goal is to provide educational materials to individuals and organizations in each of the four cities in our county, and to sign up 50 residents to our program who have not been screened.

We are partnering with a general surgeon in Evanston on the “Talk of the Town” radio program, during which we will promote our screening program and Dr. Kanjo will discuss colon health.   We plan to hold question and answer events throughout the county, where residents can be educated and have opportunity to ask questions of the general surgeon.

The Super Colon is the key to educating school children and their parents and grandparents about the colon, how to keep it healthy, and the importance of exercise and nutrition throughout our lives to contribute to good health and cut down on the incidence of cancers.

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